Jerzy Brzęczek: The dismissal was a surprise.  My dreams have been stolen.  Conversation with Domagalik

  • Jerzy Brzczek admitted in an interview with Małgorzata Domagalik on Kanał Sportowy that the class was a surprise to him as he achieved his goals. The coach had expected such a decision two months ago, but not in the period when the national team matches were not played.
  • The 50-year-old admitted that it was painful to be taken out of the European Championships for which he qualified with the national team. He experienced the moment he started me the most, but his loving mother gave him the most encouragement
  • Brzczek also talked about his relationship in the bedroom. He separately addressed, inter alia, to Robert Lewandowski’s famous eight seconds of silence, which were among the elements determining the coach’s dismissal.
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Brzęczek led Biało-Czerwonych from July 2018 to January 2021. During his tenure, the Poles qualified for the European Championship. They played the last match under the leadership of the former captain of the national team on November 18, 2020 with the Netherlands (1: 2), three days ago they lost 0: 2 with Italy. Most of the accusations against the coach appeared in the context of the team’s playing style.

“You gave me the most beautiful gift that you are no longer chosen.”

The 50-year-old learned about the release from Zbigniew Bonek. The then president of the Polish Football Association made this decision on his own. Then questions arose in the media about the timing of this statement. The great ex-Juventus player waited three months after the last team meeting. The director spoke about this situation and its consequences in an interview on the Sports Channel.

– I must admit that this release was a surprise to me, but the coach must be ready to leave. Each coach’s contract is conditional on achieving goals. You have achieved these goals. Obviously I was disappointed. You robbed me of my European Championship dreams. For every coach who qualifies for the European Championships or the World Championships, the tournament is a summary – Brzęczek admitted.

– It was a short conversation. The President briefly announced that he had made such a decision after reflection. I respected her, but I told him I was surprised, because everything the relationship expected, we delivered. After this decision, several people from the PZPN board of directors contacted me and asked what was going on. Honestly, I was expecting it to be released after the last game in November. I told my wife that President Boniek behaved differently on the toilet for the first time. I think he already made the decision on my exclusion, but only on January 18 did he turn it over – the rating of the former Tyrola Innsbruck player.

– It hurts a little. It was the worst moment when I started MEs. You think – you should be there. On the other hand, you guys encourage. For anyone ambitious, you fall, you have to get up and fight. You have to be tougher, otherwise you will not be able to handle it – the coach admitted.

– The most beautiful moment was when I came after this release and visited my mother. My mom is a wonderful woman. She is 88 and has had a stroke, but her thoughts and mind are amazing. Watching all games. I come home and see, he waits with a smile, looks at me, begins to nod his head as always and says: Son, you gave me the most beautiful gift, that you are no longer a chosen one, because I should not listen to what they say about you. It was an amazing reaction from my mother – she called the limiter.

“I think I gave the national team very important things. I started to rebuild.”

Brzczek also spoke about his time in the national team controls. It is a great honor for every coach to be represented by the national team. I had no doubts. I think I gave the national team very important things. I started rebuilding, and we started introducing the young players. Many teams, after a generation, do not achieve the goals of qualifying for the European Championship and the World Cup. We were promoted to the European Championship and stayed in the Nations League. The coach said that it is very important for Polish football to be played in the first division.

“I made mistakes, of course, this is inevitable. However, I did not make any mistakes that did not achieve my goal. That is the most important thing. I will make adjustments, but they will not be very important. Each coach has his own philosophy. This approach worked. Continued Brzczek, we have completed our tasks.

The coach also talked about the mood in the changing room. Often accused of not being able to build the right atmosphere. – We certainly had no problems with the toilet. The obvious point is that those who will be on the bench, in the stands, will always be dissatisfied. If we had toilet problems, we would definitely not achieve our goals. Before the European Championships, there was a wonderful atmosphere in the national team, this is what the players conveyed … And they did not leave the group – the 50-year-old indicated.

– You always have to ask the questions: What are our expectations? What do we want? What is our potential? I certainly don’t think I left acting “ruins”. She led the acting in 24 matches, we won 12. The coach said about his results, we have played four times with the European champion – Italy, we have previously played with the former European champion – Portugal, as well as with the Netherlands – with the leaders of Europe.

Why is Robert Lewandowski considered “difficult”?

In this book in “In the Game”, co-written by Brzczek and Domagalik, Robert Lewandowski is described as “difficult.” Part of the conversation on the sports channel was devoted to the coach’s contacts with the Bayern Munich striker.

– Why is Robert “hard”? The silver medalist at the 1992 Olympics said that outstanding football players, who have their own opinion, are most upset and upset when something goes wrong.

Przeczyk also referred to the famous eight seconds after the match against Italy. It wasn’t long before Lewy started answering a question about the plan for the losing game with Italy. After the match, there is always a lot of emotion, especially after this loss in Italy. We traveled with great hope and ambition, but we played one of the weakest matches, not quite what we expected. Robert didn’t repay, he was frustrated. This undermines my image, but Robert in an interview before the European Championships said it was the moment he had a black hole in his head. Such situations happen, and always will be – the assessment of the ex-captain of the national team.

– Seize this opportunity – Congratulations to Robert. This is another great honor you deserve. I think next season there will be another pair of shoes – the 50-year-old said about awarding Lewandowski the Golden Boot.

Source: Kanał Sportowy

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