Piotr Żyła had a “difficult” conversation.  Adam Maisch reveals behind the scenes.  “We set a condition”

Current season Men's Ski Jumping World Cup Polish fans will not have the best memories. The performance of the Whites and Reds is – to put it mildly – far below expectations. Moreover, there is no indication that their level will soon improve to the point where Poles will regularly finish in the top ten in competitions.

Piotr Żyła after the competition in a calm lake. “I accept”. video/Press materials/Press materials

Adam Małysz reveals the behind the scenes conversation with Piotr Żyła and Thomas Thurnbichler. “He confessed to us.”

Problems with motivation and self-confidence recently affected one of the team leaders. Piotr Sela. During the World Cup competitions in Villingen, it was possible to observe quite unusual behavior from the famous “Wewiór” team. As the head of the Polish Skating Federation, Adam Malesz, revealed in the TVN studio after Sunday's competition in Lake Placid, The player immediately told the coach and him about his problems.

We had to have a difficult conversation with Piotr Żyła before leaving. The coach spoke and I spoke. He admitted to us that he completely lost his motivation in Willingen. So he had to decide whether he wanted to go to the United States. However, we set a condition that if he wants to leave, he must be motivated and committed. As you can see, the conversation was effective. It must work on motivation, because it is clear that when there is the right incentive, there will be results

~ Confess.

Although Piotr Silla performed well in the United States, the same cannot be said about him Paul Wasik. The 24-year-old has failed to advance to the final series twice. In the end, the technical staff made the decision The young skater returns to his homeland After the competition in a calm lake. In Sapporo, Clemens Muranca will play instead. Adam Małysz commented on this decision.

“Given the results at the Confederations Cup, Maciej Kut or Kupa Wollne should choose it, but their task is to fight for an increase in the maximum ski jumping at the World Cup. The coaches made such a decision. On the one hand, it is nice that the amount is larger, on the other hand This is a problem: who should fill the extra seat? I don't know if we really need this extra space. After all, we now don't have a player with a real chance to score points“- He said.

Piotr Sela/Lukacs Silage/Reporter

Adam Males/Andrey Ivanchuk/Reporter

Thomas Turnbichler/Andrzej Iwanczuk/Reporter/East News

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