Asteroid 2021 SG flew through Earth before scientists discovered it

Currently, scientists are constantly monitoring the sky for things that could threaten the Earth. Despite advanced technology, asteroids heading towards us from the Sun are still a huge challenge, making them even more difficult to see.

One of them is an asteroid called “2021 SG”, which on September 16 flew past Earth halfway to the moon. Only a day later he was noticed by scientists from the California Observatory. According to their calculations, the object has a diameter of 42-94 meters and is moving at a speed of more than 85,000. km / h, that is, almost 24 km / s – informs the specialized portal

2021 SG is in orbit around the Sun, and takes 27 months to complete its journey. This time it crossed Earth’s orbit just after passing through the orbit of Mercury, the planet of our system closest to the Sun.

Scientists are working on new ways to detect asteroids heading toward the sun. American NASA In 2026 it intends to launch a special space telescope, which will be able to show 90 percent. These objects with a diameter of more than 140 m.

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