Iga Christmas in the second round of Wimbledon.  The 36th victory of the Polish women in the tennis championship

It can’t be a tough match for Iga birthday. At the opening of Wimbledon, the Polish leader in the WTA rankings faced the 252nd world tennis player, Croatian Jana Vet, who successfully passed the qualifiers. The only danger to Świątek was that it was her first match on grass of the season, because prior to Wimbledon, Bulka missed all of the WTA tournaments on this surface. Adaptation to grass is not intuitive to everyone, but it can be trained. Its coach, Tomas Wiktorowski, confirmed in an interview with Sport.pl.

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Controversy over Iga Świątek at the start of Wimbledon

Iga Švetik in the second round of Wimbledon. There were problems in the second group

In Tuesday’s match, Jana Fett tried to play hard with Iga Świątek. However, this, combined with the high winds blowing over London’s stadiums, caused a slew of fouls on the part of the qualifiers. For the ranking leader, who also didn’t play a big game that day, the task was to keep the ball in play, and Witt did the rest for her. Especially in the decisive moments in the singles matches, because there were a lot of them, but in the first set, Świątek came out victorious each time, winning 6:0.

It was all in the stats. The score of the winners and unforced errors for the Polish was 5-4, while for her opponent it was 3-14.

There are no seats left at Wimbledon and no tickets. The fans are angry

In the second match, Witt started hitting more than once and made fewer fouls. Iga Świątek, who played mediocre, unexpectedly caused a lot of problems. Wit manages to score ten consecutive points at one point, leads 3:1 and is 40:0 in the fifth game in the Polish service.

However, Swiatek managed to save herself from this situation – she defended up to five break points and instead of 1: 4 became 2: 3, which slightly smashed her competition.

The next matches looked like the whole first set – there were a lot of matches, but she was winning Iga Christmas. She won the second set 6-3 and could celebrate her 36th straight win, a first in this one series on the surface of the grass.

Iga Schwietick beat Croatian Gana Witt 6-0, 6:3 and confidently advanced to the second round of Wimbledon, where she will also be the favorite, where she will face the 138th world number one Leslie Patinama Kerkhove of the Netherlands.

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