It appears that the trailer for the “Fallout” series has been leaked online

The room where the secret trailer for Amazon’s “Fallout” series was shown appears to have remained locked. A warning appeared on the Internet. A recording showing the supposed teaser for the production.

The video was most likely secretly recorded, so it’s not very high quality. scroll and tail; However, it does contain shots of the tail that we’ve already seen. in previous marketing materials, leading us to believe we’re dealing with an actual trailer. There is no doubt that it is also the tail related to the fall – indeed at the beginning we see the tail Representatives of the Brotherhood of Steel are surrounded by combat helicopters.

The next shot appears to be the tail. Most believable, because it features the exit scene from the same bunker that Tails appears in a promotional image released in celebration of the Fallout series’ 25th anniversary. Later it becomes a tail. Indeed˙ a little more ambiguous. Cowboys without a nose smiling with a tail. Mysteriously towards the cameras, and a while later a tail appears on the screen. A series of explosions, most likely announcing the upcoming tail; Resurrection. At the end we see a large inscription “FALLOUT” on the blackboard. A release date is still pending; remains a mystery & aogon;.

Let us remember that the series was announced in July of last year, but since then we have not known many details. The project is heading to the &eogon Amazon Prime Video platform, and to direct the series, the response&agon; Westworld creators Jonathan Nunnall, Lisa Joy, and Athena Wickham. The progress of the work is monitored by the tail. Also ˙ Bethesda Licensors – Todd Howard and James Altman.

The production process will be carried out at the tail end; In the known universe of games, but will tell a completely new story history. “It’s more about doing something new with this, you know. It’s not about repeating the plot of the game, but about choosing a place on the map where we will build another tail; He will tell you, suits you, to this universe” – Wijaśnyał Todd Howard.

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