The English Woman is a fun journey through the Wild West [RECENZJA]

If you haven’t known the really good mini-series for a long time, check out The English Girl. This modern development on the West Side is unique to the premieres being aired recently.

Once upon a time, a well-known British artist found himself in the Wild West Hugo Blake (“Honorable Woman”, “On the Edge of the Shadow”). And all that followed came as a huge surprise to viewers who thought the modern West wouldn’t surprise us anymore. Because episode sixEnglish– A co-production between BBC and Amazon, available with us for a mysterious reason HBO Max, but still under those two brands – it’s a breath of fresh air of the same kind, and a series we probably shouldn’t look at at all from a Western perspective. After all, it’s just a costume, it’s a lot more than what’s underneath.

English women show how to make a modern western

And under it, you can find many layers, providing great interpretive possibilities for each of the film critics who will witness a truly endless journey through the history of cinema in “The English Girl”; Numerous references, patterns, clues, and attempts to overthrow them in the artist’s postmodern enthusiasm. Let’s add that the creator is the sole writer and director in all six episodes, making the entire series the very definition of the author’s series. “The Englishwoman” speaks to viewers in very cinematic language and is like a movie, every frame you want to print, frame, hang on the wall and stare at for hours.

The English Woman (Image: BBC)

Regardless of whether we are watching a simple conversation at the table, a chase or a shoot somewhere somewhere, or a meeting at sunset, everything looks beautiful, fantastically lit (the series was filmed in Spain, so let’s We thank the Spanish Sun) and deliciousness unparalleled in the western series. Although, of course, there may be many associations, of associations full of strong women”atheist“so brutal”dead woodIn “The Englishwoman” there is no shortage of blood and violence, it can be very brutal and natural, but in combination with breathtaking and elegant to the point of absurd costumes of the main character, Lady Cornelia Locke (Emily Blunt“A Quiet Place”), gives the impression of something symbolic rather than intimidating viewers with weaker stomachs.

The English Woman is an amazing journey through the Wild West

But beautiful shots and an original approach are one thing, and an engaging plot is usually still expected from the series. And we also get this. Hugo Blick once again leads us to a story that is not what we expect. It all starts with the fact that we landed in 1890 in the Wild West with the title Lady. Cornelia comes to America alone, and does not seem to know the customs there, and carries a bag full of banknotes with her. When she rushes to rescue a cruelly punished Native American, as part of a good morning life lesson, she gets clowning from a Kansas hotel owner who looks like Al Sweringen (played by Ciaran Hinds, “terrorism”). For many in her position, this would be the end of the American adventure, for her it was the beginning.

English review review of the Emily Blunt series

The English Woman (Image: BBC)

An English aristocracy, who claims to have come to the Wild West out of avenging the death of her son, joins Elle Webb (Chask Spencer, “Sneaky Pete”), US Army Scout of the Pawnee Tribe. The journey that awaits them is truly epic, as we go in and have a constant discussion along the way, with the viewers as well. “English Woman” is full of symbolism, dual meanings, and existential ideas for the characters. Whatever happens, wherever they are shooting, the characters here always have time to have a long conversation about what is really important in life. Intellectual conversations take place in a place governed by primal instincts, giving the impression that the plot in The English Woman was just an add-on, something purely traditional.

The narrative of Hugo Blake’s themes in the series seems almost banal – everything from different degrees of love, through issues of identity, race, and social inequality, to feminist motifs, which I won’t detail, because they have a fictional meaning. Ellie and Cornelia talk about stars, magic, and fate, as they become less restricted from one episode to the next and build a lasting bond. It’s also a series about human nature, with great strength and determination, about the fight between good and evil, and in various shades of moral grey. The series is not very optimistic in its pronunciation, escaping from simple solutions.

English women – is it worth watching the series with Emily Blunt?

There are also moments, even entire episodes, when this postmodern mix of redefined Wild West archetypes, postcard shots, brutal violence, and intellectual debates requires a lot of patience. This is especially true when we leave Cornelia and Elijah’s account to look at other regions of America or England and fill in the gaps in knowledge. Because you see, The Englishwoman isn’t all about the fact that its characters go somewhere and fill their time with important conversations along the way. It’s not just a moral fable or an existential story, it’s also a fantasy mystery, parts of which begin to emerge in the second half of the season, requiring the viewer to delve into plots that take place in different timelines with the side – but important to all – characters.

When we find out what the story is about – including who and what Cornelia wants to get revenge on – the show turns out to be a closed and very satisfying story. However, I get the impression that the path to that is more important than the goal (and the contortions). Theatricality, mystery, symbolism, choppy patterns and the fact that we have domestic travels rather than those that happen on the map – all this, combined with film production and a kind of contemporary style and music, makes “English Woman” a unique show.

English review review of the emily blunt series is it worth watching

The English Woman (Image: BBC)

Although “The Englishwoman” is largely a theater for two actors – Blunt and Spencer, who play a very inconspicuous character, because the original Scout would always be a traitor to his tribe, and for American soldiers someone worse than them – it deserves credit for the intriguing creations at the end of the screen. Created, among other things, by Stephen Rea (“The Shadow’s Edge” and more; one of Blake’s favorite actors), who plays the sheriff with the aptly named Marshall, Valerie Bachner (“The Hidden Life”) as young widow Martha. Myers, and Rav Spall (“attempt”), Tom Hughes (“Book of Witches”) or Toby Jones (“Sherlock”). However, I have no doubt that what will stay with us for a long time is the creation of Emily Blunt. Hugo Blick has a good hand for the female characters, enough to mention Maggie Gyllenhaal in “Honest Woman”. Here, too, is an exceptionally written character – complex, cruel, surprising – and a wonderful acting. The ambiguity and complexity of the characters and their motives is also characteristic of this artist.

The creator, whose new series cannot be commended, is very unusual and modern in which literally everything is. So if you’re looking for something a little different and you’re a patient viewer, feel free a moment. The English Woman can be very slow, can get frustrated and often drift into capillary areas. But she can also reward those who approach her with an open mind and watch her carefully. This is something unique and a short model – not too long, not too short, obviously broken into loops and closing off the main threads so no better. worth watching.

The Englishwoman is available on HBO Max

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