“Fear” is a film about departure.  It is a reference to caregivers of dying people

  • “Fear” is a movie Sławomir Fabicki, where the main roles were played by Magdalena Šelica and Marta Neradkiewicz. It is a film about the journey of two sisters, one of whom wants to leave this world on her own terms
  • – In my review of this film, I wrote that the character Majorzata, played by Magdalena Celica, can offend us, upset us, and frighten us, because she comes to terms with death as most of us probably do not, says Katarzyna Kosiewicz
  • The psychologist confirms that the film director paid a great tribute to people who care for their seriously ill and dying loved ones.
  • — I think that most fellow patients sometimes feel like coming and going, and feel guilty when they do something for themselves from time to time — explains Kosevich
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