March 25, 2023


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"Voice of Poland".  Live episodes will start.  The viewers and the jurors decided who went to the next stage

“Voice of Poland”. Live episodes will start. The viewers and the jurors decided who went to the next stage

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On TVP2, you can currently watch the twelfth edition of the popular program “Voice of Poland”Which evokes a lot of feelings from the start. Rather, it is a matter of jury decisions, including Siluya GrzeszczakAnd Which viewers totally don’t like. Live episodes began on Saturday, November 13. Here who still has a chance to become the best voice in Poland.

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Justyna Steczkowska cries in ‘The Voice of Poland’ [fragment]

“Voice of Poland”. It is known who advanced to the next stage

Last night, the participants under the wings introduced themselves on the stage Justina Steczkowska, Siluia Grzyszak, Thomson with Baron and Marek Bikarczyk. The rules were simple. Three people from each team went to the next stage. During SMS voting, viewers can choose the two options passed. A coach or a coach, while one of them is fighting for promotion.

“Voice of Poland”. These trainers called the program after one session

In the case of the Tomson i . crew barona The opportunity was given to: Wiktor Dyduła, Wiktor Kowalski and Paulina Gołębiowska. Sylwia Grzeszczak’s team currently: Julia Stolpe, Rafa Kosik and Igor Kowalski who decided to sing Eurovision The hit “Arcade” by Duncan Lawrence. Marek Bikarczyk Also training: Bartosz Madi, Anna Hanatovic, and Carolina Robinson. In contrast, from Justyna Steczkowska in the next episode, we’ll also see Marta Burdynowicz, sisters Paulina and Adriana, as well as Monika Wiśniowska-Basel.

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However, it was not possible to watch only the struggle of the singers and singers that evening. The guests presented their presentations from behind the program stage Cassia Dairy Oraz Becky Hill.

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