Shani Lok is dead. Hamas kidnapped the 23-year-old

The death of Shani Luke (23 years old), who was kidnapped by Hamas, as confirmed by the Israeli embassy in Poland. The German woman was one of the participants in a music festival that was subjected to an air attack by Muslim militants.

German media are reporting the death of Shani Luke. The occupation soldiers found the girl’s body.

“We are devastated by the news of Shani Lok’s death. Kidnapped from a music festival and tortured by Hamas terrorists, Shani has suffered unimaginable suffering. Our hearts are broken“- the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a post published on the X platform.

Shani Lok dies. Hope did not leave their loved ones

The Israeli Embassy in Poland also responded to the tragic information coming from the Middle East.

“We inform you with great sadness of the death of 23-year-old Shani Luke, and the family has confirmed that her body has been found. Hamas also kidnapped an Israeli woman with German citizenship from a music festival, Torture and desecration in the streets of Gaza. “May her memory be blessed,” the diplomats wrote.

Shani Lok is dead. The family received the registration in advance

Earlier, the German woman’s family expressed their hope that the 23-year-old woman would return to the country safe and sound. The woman stayed They were identified as among the group kidnapped by Hamas.

“We got a video that shows exactly that I see my daughter in a car with the Palestinians“Those who traveled with them throughout the Gaza Strip,” Shani Lok’s mother stated.

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The recording was radical Palestinian fighters trampled on the body of a 23-year-old woman, one of the men pulled her hair, and another spat. The shot ended with the off-road vehicle driving away.

War broke out in Israel on October 7. Armed Hamas fighters then attacked Israel. Hundreds of missiles were launched in a single moment towards the Middle Eastern neighbor, and Muslim fighters also flew into the territory of the eternal enemy by parachute.

One of the Palestinians’ goals was to organize a music festival near the border with the Gaza Strip.

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