The Polish game convinced Sony to adopt PS VR.  Learn the amazing story behind PlayStation VR

Sony is keen to invest money in virtual reality, but the story could have been very different. It was a Polish game ported to virtual reality that prompted Shuhei Yoshida to take an interest in the topic and invest in PlayStation VR.

Sony launched the PS VR2 on the market at the beginning of the year. The glasses offer much better quality compared to the previous model of the Japanese company, but at least currently the devices lack many first-party products that could encourage a wide audience to choose PlayStation VR2.

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The story of the creation of PlayStation VR is narrated by Michał Staniszewski, who was a guest on Granaliza. During the live stream, the creator talked about demoscene, developing games for PlayStation 3 and developing items using Unreal Engine.

Michał Staniszewski, founder of Plastic Studio and creator of games like Bound, Datura, and Linger In Shadows, joined the Epic Games family with his company in January 2022. As it turns out, he had a huge influence on the creation of PlayStation VR.

Speaking with Adam Prusinowski, the developer mentioned this His Dature was the first virtual reality game to run on PlayStation 3. Its title was one of two games (along with a port of God of War in VR) that convinced Shuhei Yoshida to invest in VR.

The creator stresses that porting Dature to Project Morfeusz was a “small building block” for the creation of PlayStation VR – Sony even showed off Poles at the conference. As a result, Michał Staniszewski quickly received the hardware development kit and was able to port the title to PS4 and PS VR with his team.

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