“When she sang, she began to shine”: Eric Lapointe pays tribute to Melanie Renaud

Singer Eric Lapointe recalls the first time he met Melanie Renaud, a young woman who was “shy and reserved” but “started to shine” once she started singing.

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“My first contact with Melanie […]She is 16 or 17 years old and I was looking for a voice that would portray Aarav in the song My angel. A friend told me: “You should hear this girl sing.” I invited her to the studio and she came very shy. […] He fascinated us, stunned us, moved us,” said Eric Lapointe in an interview on LCN.

Deeply saddened by Melanie Renaud’s death, the songwriter and singer affirmed that she had “one of the most beautiful voices, if not the most beautiful, I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with.”

«[Elle avait] A powerful voice. Already young, she was mature in terms of subtleties. There was some kind of depth and wisdom. […] She was a reserved, shy person who didn’t make much noise, but when she started singing, she started to shine, she had an extraordinary aura.

Eric Lapointe paid tribute to “an inspiring woman who fought to the end”.

Remember that Melanie Renaud died on Tuesday morning at the age of 42 after a long battle with incurable ovarian cancer.

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