Mariupol.  Azov Regiment: The commander made a film from Azovstal.  "Some operations are in progress"

“Today is the eighty-fifth day of the war. I am with the leadership on the factory floor Azovstal. There is a process going on, and I won’t provide details on it. We thank the whole world, and we thank Ukraine for its support. we’ll see you” Svyatoslav Bakamar. Ukrainska Pravda posted a several-second video with his message on the Telegram messenger.

Monday evening, Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Hanna Malar confirmed More than 260 soldiers evacuated from Azovstal, including 53 seriously injured. 211 of the evacuees were transferred to the former penal colony in Olinivtsi On the territory of the self-proclaimed, Moscow-controlled Donetsk People’s Republic. And as Malar announced, they would all be replaced by Russian prisoners of war.

Azovstal Combinedefended by the regiment Azov National Guard And 36th Marine Independent Brigade It was the last point of the Ukrainian resistance in Mariupola coastal city in southeastern Ukraine.

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