Poll: Macron and Le Pen will meet in the second round.  Macron is driving

The French daily reports that the Macron-Le Pen duo appears inevitable in the second round, although the right-wing candidates, incl. Columnist Eric Zemmour, the weakest far-right candidate in the first round.

According to the IFOP-Fiducial poll of “Le Figaro” and the LCI station, published on Monday, if Macron and Le Pen were in the second round of the elections, 56 percent would vote for the incumbent president. French, and in Le Pen 44 per cent. If Macron and the president of the Hauts-de-France region, Xavier Bertrand, compete in the second round, the latter would win with 53%. up to 47 percent with the current head of state.

According to opinion polls, Zemmour has the right to vote with 6-8%. The French, despite the fragmentation on the right-wing widely understood, which will be represented in the elections by Bertrand (about 15% of the vote), President of the National Union Marine Le Pen, President of Ile deux. – Region of France Valéry Becresse (14%), former EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier (11% of the vote), MP Eric Ciutti (7%) and right-wing politician Philippe Goffin (5%)%) .

“Zemur is really a UFO: an unknown political object,” says Frederic Dabi, director of the Ifop Research Institute. – He is a universal candidate who can seduce with his speech – he adds, citing “Le Figaro”.

According to Dabi, “we are dealing with a slight erosion” in Le Pen’s voters in favor of other right-wing candidates.

With the relatively fragmented left, represented by the president of unbridled France Jean-Luc Mélenchon (9-10%), the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo (7-9%) and the head of the Environmental Alliance Yannick Yadot (8% in the polls), the position of the current president appears to be He was not challenged.

Among the left-wing candidates are the communist Fabian Roussel (2-2.5 per cent) and the former socialist Arnaud Montebourg with 3 per cent. the support.

When asked to comment on recent opinion polls, the Economy Minister, Bruno Le Maire, who backed Macron, said on Monday in an interview with BFM TV that the current president is the guarantor of state investments related to the coronavirus pandemic and implementation. of reforms, including the country’s announced and controversial pension reform.

“I support the presidential party (LREM), which is destroying the grab of the left and the right on the political scene,” Le Maire stressed.

The IFOP-Fiducial survey was conducted on a representative sample of 1,334 people between August 31 and September 2.

The first round of the next presidential election in France will take place on April 10, 2022, and the second round will take place on April 24. The President of France is elected for a term of five years. Macron was elected on May 7, 2017, and took office a week later.

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