Professor Jerzy Pralczyk speaks harshly about women.  This term particularly bothers him

On Tuesday, Cuba Wojciudzki hosted a famous linguist, Prof. Jerzy Pralczyk. In the same episode, the show’s host also questioned Young Liusya and Kakper Bonski. There were a lot of youthful expressions that not everyone understood clearly. It was also an introduction to the debate on language that has developed significantly recently. Professor Jerzy Pralczyk does not hide the fact that not all of the new terms are to his liking.

Continued article below the video

Jerzy Pralczyk protests the term “guest”. “Artificial adaptation to fashion”

The linguist admitted that he is not a supporter of the ban and closely follows the development of the language, but he is not convinced, for example, by some feminists that have become widely used recently.

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