I can't remember the last time I saw something this bad.  This movie cries to the heavens for revenge

The description of this movie is exactly like the movie itself – quite messy and unclear. Viewers who decide to continue the show after the first minute deserve applause – you have nerves of steel. By then I was already feeling shivers of embarrassment and wanted to turn it off. Spoiler: I didn't get any surprises, even though I gave this production a second chance – I told myself later that no one would give me back this lost time. So let's move on to the details.

“You shall not commit adultery, nor shall you steal” is divided into chapters labeled with parts of the Bible. They also herald the transitions between narrative and subsequent plots, which are often an attractive part of many productions. However, this potential was wasted here – the film, which could have somewhat interested the viewer and involved him in the dynamic story, turns out to be mercilessly long. The reason for this was the strange (and sometimes disturbing) transitions during which the characters danced in front of a glowing cross.

The production, which was loudly advertised as hot and controversial, turned out to be simply distasteful – the intimate scenes with the prostitute Sandra made me want to vomit, and the intercourse bit accompanied by the foreign version of “Silent Night” was simply bizarre. I don't want to see many other moments in this movie, but unfortunately I can't go back in time.

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