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The “Scream” franchise has been through some ups and downs recently. For one thing, the Carpenter sisters (both Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega), the main characters, were removed from Scream 7. On the other hand, Neve Campbell, who was dropped from “Scream 6”, has joined the cast of the final (and, as planned, final) part of the new series.

Now, attention, attention! There are rumors that Courteney Cox is in talks to appear in “Scream 7”! The actress will return as Gale Weathers, known from the beginning of the series.

Courteney Cox in the movie “Scream”

What's new in the “Scream” series?

“Scream VII” was intended to be the final part of a trilogy about the adventures of the Carpenter sisters. The problem is that both Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera were only signed to appear in two films, so another contract was needed. Parreira signed a new contract. However, when the country began retaliatory measures after the Hamas attack on Israel, the actress did not spare harsh words. The studio found that her media statements They spread anti-Semitism and constitute hate speech, As a result, she was fired.

In Ortega's case, it was about money. The actress, who can now choose from attractive offers, demanded a salary of zero more than the salary she received for her previous films. This was a deliberately extravagant offer because Ortega was not keen on returning to the series and knew that Spyglass would not be willing to pay such a sum.. The actress's expectations have come true. Spyglass decided not to renew its contract.

In December, it was revealed that director Christopher Landon had also left the film.

Two weeks ago, Neve Campbell confirmed that she was on board the “Scream 7” ship. This means that appropriate financial terms have been agreed upon for her, which had previously been a subject of contention and forced her to abandon her previous film. The actress repeatedly stressed in her interviews that she does not rule out returning if the problem is resolved In her opinion, the pay for performance was too low.

Screenwriter and series creator, Kevin Williamson, will be behind the camera for “Scream 7.” The screenplay will be written by Guy Busiek, the author of the previous two installments.

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