JSW is on the verge of P&L.  Coal prices are no longer so good

In 2022, JSW Group's net profit amounted to PLN 7.6 billion, and in 2021 – PLN 1 billion. It dropped last year to the level it was two years ago, but there is a warning. The second half of the year saw a loss of more than PLN 1 billion, and in the last quarter the net profit was small for this company at PLN 157 million, indicating that it was already balancing on the verge of profitability.

The JSW press release stressed that the financial results were affected by: lower raw material prices, higher production costs and It is subject to a solidarity contribution of PLN 1.6 billion as the only company in Poland.

He also explained that the 24.1% decrease in sales revenue generated in 2022 is primarily a result of lower average coal sales prices, but also lower volume of coal sold and lower revenues from the sale of coke and coal derivatives.

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