March 26, 2023


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Hurricane in Muscat: A few seconds from death

June 21 will always be etched in Jack Vachan’s mind. Muscau Chois avoided being hit by a powerful hurricane that caused havoc in its path and killed his friend and neighbor, Jack LeBeau.

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The two were working together on the victim’s property in Nelligan Crescent when they saw the hurricane coming.

“We saw a kind of hurricane, a hurricane. We froze, and nothing moved until we saw pieces of wood and trees flying, ”said Mr. Vachan told TVA Novellas.

Both jacks take their legs around their necks. M.Vachan rushes home. “I had time to close the door, and that saved me,” he said. The hurricane wiped out everything in his yard.

“Five, six seconds to come home”

Jack LeBeau is less fortunate. “We don’t have time to talk to each other. The draft went through his house. […] It should have been five, six seconds before I got home. I imagine he realized he didn’t have time to go home, he was in the barn. Then it was like a big black cloud. The shed is high in the air, ”said Jack Vachan.

The latter did not see the hurricane trigger the shed where his friend had taken refuge. He left his home after the hurricane passed.

“I went into his house and there was glass everywhere. I shouted: “Jack! Jack! Jack! “No noise. A bad start for me Feeling. When the police arrived, I told them it was mine Sum I was there and I never saw him again. I told them: “I think he’s dead or in the back field,” Musco sighed, still in shock.

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Jack Lebbevre, in his sixties, was killed when his father and grandfather were destroyed by a hurricane in his shed. His body was found in a field behind his property.

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