January 28, 2023


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He is said to have “accidentally” shot his ex-wife

It was a “very angry” man, smelling of alcohol and inhaling very quickly, who greeted police at his home in La Hot-Saint-Charles on Friday night, when he “accidentally” shot him. His ex-wife.

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The confession was made by real estate broker Daniel Nolt, 49, who spontaneously did it for Quebec City police officers, who found him on the balcony of his home a few minutes after he called, where he was staying at 911.

“He says he received threats from strangers and was accidentally shot by a weapon he had to defend himself,” Judge Pierre L. said as part of the trial. Rousseau, m Laura Flamonton-Dufour, publication of Nolat.

Injury to nose and shoulder

Inside an apartment located in Boulevard Saint-Claude near Route Saint-Geneva, police found a man with injuries to his nose and shoulder who said the suspects had fired, but it looked like an accident.

According to Nolat’s ex-wife, the latter would have called her late Friday evening, noting that “there seemed to be people in her yard.” So the ex-wife volunteered to see him and the accused accepted.

At home, he was seen going around all the rooms, then went upstairs and came down with a 12 caliber gun. No need, the lawyer said, as he flipped nothing.

Some time later, while Nolat was studying, he asked her to come and see him. According to the victim, she “did not have time to touch the handle” when she heard a “thunder”. Then he said to her: “Baby, what are you doing here?”

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If the facts they heard “surprised” them, Nolot’s father and brother would still have pledged their allegiance to the broker’s freedom, according to Judge Rousseau.

He pledged $ 10,000 and his family $ 3,000. He was banned from being in the presence of the victim and consuming alcohol and drugs.