Integrate or Disintegrate Immigration?  There is the question!

To integrate immigration or to subvert it by rejecting it: are these not the terms of our people’s struggle for survival without a country in the Anglo-Spanish Sea of ​​North America?

If Shakespeare’s “To be or not to be” has been translated into our national reality for at least two and a half centuries, it is “To unite or to disintegrate.”

Take school commissioner Sophie De Vito. This defender of the rights of Anglophones explained REM’s problems by taking care of Francophones.

Is this woman related to mechanic and hotelier Tony De Vito? No idea! But his name reminds me of this de Vito, sympathetic and generous, but who vomited in Quebec, hated René Levesque, cursed Bill 101, etc.

A significant portion of Montreal’s Italian community coalesced and strongly supported the Anglophone constituency.Canadian and pro-English. why Because we didn’t integrate it!

Insults to dignity

At the same time, a professor from the Cégep de Concordia (which is basically a big “sitgep” heavily funded by Quebec) rolls our tongues in the mud.

Gad Chad, who has lived in Lebanon for decades, says the Quebec accent is “an insult to human dignity.” Would he have had this egotistical view if he had taught French with us? Probably not, but we don’t integrate it.


Did the living dead (us) react to these insults? Rarely. Finger snapping. Have we seen senior officers of CAQ stand up? No. Big Cats Removed Nationalities!

Whether it’s the “burkinis” at the swimming pools that no one dares complain about (since it’s clothing allowed by the Charter) or the monolingual English menus that are arbitrarily handed out to anyone who appears foreign (like English) to Offrier de Verdun, they’re essential), the assimilation machine in Quebec is disorganized.

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