America’s Talent: All-Stars |  Jeanique Fournier shines, but doesn’t win

Quebecer Jeanick Fournier, winner of the latest edition Canada has talentHe participated in the program on Monday America’s Got Talent: All-StarsWhere she performed the song I will never love again. The singer wowed the audience and the judges during her performance, but was eliminated in the first round.

Jeanique Fournier appeared on stage in a sparkly green dress and interpreted Lady Gaga’s play. A star is born. The singer was a guest on the show featuring former contestants from around the world, most of whom are very popular with the public. The audience decides the winners of the first evening and will therefore go further in the competition.

Jeanique Fournier said she was ready for “the best performance of her life,” wowing judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum. The latter noted that the number was stronger than last year’s switch to the Canadian version of the show.

The number, short but full of intensity, won him a huge reception from the public and the judges. Behind her microphone, Jeanique Fournier hits the high notes without losing control of her voice. Heidi Klum looked wide-eyed and amazed as Quebecer sang.

“Some people have a gift, and they are made to be on stage. You’re one of them,” the former model told her, allowing the judges to comment on the performance. She tweeted to highlight her number during the airing of the show: “A star (again) is born… aha”, she wrote about the film.

“Jeanique Fournier I’m proud to be from Canada,” Howie Mandel wrote on Twitter earlier in the evening.

“My life has completely changed”

In a presentation video released just before the show, Jeanique Fournier looks back on the past year since appearing on the show. “My life has completely changed,” said a man who works as a palliative care worker in Saguenay. She signed a record deal with Universal Music Canada, releasing albums and music videos. She said she now has a daily life she could never have imagined. We also saw her at her home in Quebec with her children, who greeted the American public following the show in French.

If Jeanick Fournier doesn’t go further during this special editionAmerica has talent, Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell highlighted his bravery. “I have a lot of respect for someone who has already won and is coming back because she has even higher ambitions,” Simon Cowell told her.

Mandel added that it would have been wise to stay in Canada and risk nothing. “When you don’t play, you don’t risk losing,” he remarked, admiringly, reiterating that he had indeed started bravely.

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