Huge underground laboratory in China.  He investigates a mysterious matter.

The laboratory was created using a network of running tunnels Through the Jinping Mountains In the Chinese province Sichuan. Since it is located at a depth of 2,400 metres, the large amount of rock above it reduces background noise caused by, for example, cosmic radiation. Thanks to this, the search for dark matter may finally lead to some results.

The facility consists of a network of tunnels with a total area of ​​330.00 cubic metres. There are two dark matter detectors inside. Interestingly, the caves can be reached by bus, which makes getting to the laboratory very easy. “I don't think there's any other site that brings together this amount of depth and this kind of reach.” – said Wick Haxton, professor of physics at the University of California, Berkeley.

Unlike protons and electrons, for example, dark matter does not undergo many interactions. Therefore, the molecules that make it up can easily Rock penetration And pass through detectors even at a depth of those of CJPL-II.

Scientists are optimistic about potential dark matter particles It will react with materials in the detectors Specially designed to detect these elusive particles. CJPL hosts two dark matter experiments, the Astrophysical and Particle Xenon Experiment (PandaX) and the China Dark Matter Experiment (CDEX).

How it works? Potential dark matter particles collide with atoms of liquid xenon, produced by the PandaX detector, and the captured particles will be marked as… Flashes of light By sensors. CDEX, a germanium detector, is more sensitive and digs out dark matter particles Electrical signals. Scientists assume that even if most particles bypass the detectors, some stray particles will interact with one of the detectors.

Dark energy experts are optimistic. They claim that Jinping's state-of-the-art, state-of-the-art laboratory can not only help find dark matter, but also provide answers to much more Basic questionsFor example, whether “particles” actually constitute dark matter.

There are theories that suggest that dark matter is not made up of particles. Popular theories of gravity It does not require that dark matter be composed of particlesTo continue to influence things in the universe in the way conventional wisdom suggests.


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