A sudden change hours before the fight between Tomáš Adamek and Muhammed Khaledov.  Increasing favourite

It is a recurring scenario that the closer we get to the end, i.e. the beginning of the concert, the more the fans' point of view changes in one way or another.

An important change regarding the fight between Adamek and Khaledov. What did this come from?

– First, we do not agree to this battle, and above all, no one or party has contacted us regarding this matter. If we agree to this fight, the guys will have to pass all the tests To obtain our licenses. Only these tests will indicate whether they are still able to fight at this age. The second reason has to do with this cage and the rules that are not defined for me. In this case, if Robert Gortat referees this fight, the consequences will be so He could lose his European Boxing Federation referee licence. However, I would like to make it clear that there is no doubt that it is not about any hesitation on our part towards KSW or any of the regulators. No, the reason here is only legal contributions, nothing more – said Kulkowski in an interview with us.

Tomasz Adamek during the fight with Artur Špilka/Photo: Andrzej Iwanczuk/Reporter/

Combat sports fans, returning their emotions, began to praise Adamek's speed, which they had the opportunity to witness while recording short video clips of the preparations in Świeradów-Zdrój. It is possible that these kinds of advantages of “Góral” made them revise their assumptions a little about the role of the favorite.

The industry portal boxer.org indicates that before the fight there was a boxing legend and mixed martial arts icon Betting odds have changed dramatically. In this direction, doubts about who will emerge from the cage as the winner are diminishing. Adamek shares rose significantly. – Up to 65 percent of all tickets for the Battle of Legends were bet on the victory of Adamek, who became the favorite every day – we read.

-I'm so vulnerable and everyone wonders why I'm doing this? This is what is so interesting. Or maybe I'll surprise you? I don't trade, I have my own style and I don't think this style will suit Tomic

~ Muhammad said, quoted from boxer.org.

Muhammad Khaldo/Grzegorz Wajda / Reporter

Thomas Adamek/Arthur Jack/INTERIA.PL

Muhammad Shalido – Scott Iskham/KSW/Press materials

Tomasz Adamek during the bloody and unforgettable fight with Paul Briggs, which took place in 2005/Jeff Haynes/France Press agency

Tomasz Adamek will make his debut in FAME MMA! Fame Friday Arena 2/INTERIA.TV/INTERIA.TV

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