June 7, 2023


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The persevering rover has found a portion of a thermal blanket on the surface of Mars

The persevering rover has found a portion of a thermal blanket on the surface of Mars

The Perseverance Rover is currently analyzing Martian settlements in Jezero Crater In order to find the signs of life. He noted that he recently found something very disturbing Human trash on Mars.

Most likely the robot has been found Part of the thermal blanket Used to protect the rover from the extreme temperatures it was exposed to when landing.

Engineers are now wondering if the piece ended up in this place right after landing, or if it stayed carried by the wind.

Unfortunately, the discovered piece of thermal blanket isn’t our only trash on Mars. in April Ingeniota Helicopter He showed us another “human waste”, that is, the structure of the equipment that helped him and perseverance rover Go to the red planet.

his turn on the moon Left, among other things, shoes, shovels or even entire vehicles that were used during Apollo mission.

in addition to Earth’s orbit It slowly became a new landfill for the waste left in space after successive missions. Among them are missile fragments, their engines that can explode at any moment, inactive satellites, parachutes and other metal debris. In addition, there are thousands of operating satellites in orbit.

space exploration It gets more and more dangerous, as small debris orbiting Earth can damage space stations or even astronauts’ suits, as shown in the movie “Gravity.”

Currently running space law It hasn’t changed much since 1967, when the Outer Space Treaty was introduced. There are a few records related to protect outer space.

There are loopholes in the treaty that allow contamination of other virgin celestial bodies.

University of San Francisco professor of astronomy, Aparna Venkatesan, recently said that protection from pollution of the space environment should be defined as The common heritage of human civilization.

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