Hong Kong.  Luxury housing may collapse.  Effects of record rainfall

Police in Hong Kong At least three properties have been surrounded on the Redhill Peninsula, a beachfront residential area on the southern side of Hong Kong Island – writes The Guardian.

Residents of one of the properties who were in immediate danger were evacuated.

Hong Kong. The authorities are focusing on stabilizing the slope

As the newspaper wrote, the authorities told the media that there was evidence of this Illegal or unauthorized construction work In two affected properties. This includes: Concerning an illegally constructed swimming pool and a basement in which part of the retaining wall was allegedly demolished.

The main goal currently is to stabilize the slope to ensure public safety. “Once we do that, we will proceed with the necessary enforcement of the relevant violations,” Hong Kong Development Minister Bernadette Lin told The Guardian.

The hurricane does not grow It has brought the heaviest rain since rainfall records began in Hong Kong 140 years ago.

Roads and metro stations were flooded. Some coastal villages are cut off from the world.

Training of Ukrainian soldiers. “The hardest thing is to survive the first attack.”/German wave/German wave

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