Evacuation of Poles from Israel.  “Preparations are very advanced”

“The plane that will evacuate a group of our citizens from Israel will leave Poland this afternoon,” Pawel Jablonski, Deputy Foreign Minister, said in an interview with RMF FM radio. “Preparations are very advanced – there are appropriate approvals and we can expect two C-1300 Hercules aircraft to take off soon to transport our citizens to Israel,” explained the head of the Ministry of National Defence, Mariusz Buaszczak.

This was stated by Paweł Jabłoński in an interview with RMF FM The plane will take off from Warsaw in the afternoon and will arrive in Israel in the early evening, local time. The Poles will be transferred from Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.

This was announced by the head of the Ministry of National Defense Mariusz Puaszczak “At least two Hercules are ready.”. Preparations are well advanced, and the appropriate approvals are in place, so we can expect these aircraft to take off soon. – Delivered by 15:00. This was confirmed by the Minister of Defense “If necessary, we will of course increase the number of these aircraft.”.

From the information available to us now, it appears that Nearly 200 Polish tourists are waiting to return to PolandIncluding children and a school trip from Chelm. Naturally, everyone will be transferred to Poland – Błaszczak confirmed.

However, as the Minister informed during a press conference in front of the Ministry of National Defence, talks are also ongoing with Greece about – if necessary – “establishing an evacuation bridge”. If necessary, Hercules can take Polish tourists from Israel to Greece, and Cassie from Greece to Poland – He said.

Why Hercules? Because these aircraft have sufficient warning and response systems against any attack. Hercules pilots are experienced enough to respond to difficult situations. We do not expect such situations to occur in Israel currently, but if the situation worsens, they will be trained – Błaszczak confirmed.

The Minister of Defense was also informed of this “A special forces medical team is also being prepared.”. We are ready to ensure that Polish tourists currently in Israel return to their homeland quickly and efficiently – confirmed.

This was reported by Paweł Jabłoński in turn There is still no information that Poles have suffered as a result of the conflict in Israel. If any new information comes to light, we will publish it immediately – He said.

Several airlines canceled flights to and from Tel Aviv this weekend due to Hamas’ attack on Israel, AFP reported. The largest air carrier in Europe, German airline Lufthansa has canceled all flights to and from Tel Aviv until Monday due to the “security situation.”

The same decision was taken by the Belgian airline Brussels, a subsidiary of Lufthansa. The company said it was “ready to cooperate with the authorities to arrange return or rescue flights.” The French airline Air France also suspended its flights with Tel Aviv until further notice, and – according to its spokesman – it usually operates two flights daily to Tel Aviv.

The low-cost airline of the Air France-KLM group, Transavia, also announced the cancellation of all flights to Tel Aviv until Monday. Due to the situation in Israel, the Spanish low-cost airline Iberia Express made the same decision.

LOT Polish Airlines also announced the cancellation of flights from Warsaw to Tel Aviv on Saturday and Sunday.

Similar decisions were taken, among others, by: Greek Aegean Airlines, Swissair (after analyzing the situation, Swissair also operated flights to/from Tel Aviv at midday on Saturday), Austrian Airlines, Malev Hungarian.

Although the cruises were cancelled, we were able to return to Poland and beyond. Polish runner Sofia El Annawi.

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