Russia’s war with Ukraine.  Day 804. Live coverage

97 skirmishes took place on the Ukrainian front within 24 hours

Within 24 hours, the Russians carried out two missile attacks and 83 air attacks, as well as 101 artillery shelling of Ukrainian army positions and built-up areas.

Vehicular traffic was suspended on the Qurum Bridge on Tuesday morning

This information appeared on the Telegram channel that monitors the situation in the bridge area.

Foreign guests invited to the Victory Parade in Moscow will be proof that Russia has broken its international isolation

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced: “We can inform you about such a visit.” It is about Lao President Thongloun Sisoulith coming to Moscow to attend the military parade on May 9. The Laotian will be one of many foreign guests in Red Square, who will testify that Russia has broken its international isolation resulting from the attack on Ukraine. In addition, among others, the President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, and the President of Guinea-Bissau of Africa, Amr Sissoko Imbola, will visit Moscow.

Xi Jinping appealed to Emmanuel Macron to make joint efforts to avoid a cold war

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs reviews the content of the negotiations between Xi and Macron. – The two sides should maintain independent positions and jointly address a new Cold War or confrontation between the two camps, maintain mutual understanding, promote harmonious coexistence (…), and promote a multipolar world (…) – Xi Jin was quoted by the Chinese Foreign Ministry as saying ping.

Lithuania will form an infantry division

The Lithuanian Ministry of Defense presented to the government a draft of changes in the structure of the Armed Forces regarding the creation of new units. Lithuania would form an infantry division (the Lithuanian ground forces so far consisted of brigades) and a tank battalion. In connection with the creation of an infantry division, an artillery regiment will be formed, and the existing engineering and anti-aircraft battalions will be expanded to the size of regiments.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine publishes a recording summarizing the 803rd day of the war

The recording was posted on the employees’ personal Facebook page.

An American soldier was captured in Vladivostok

The Russian daily Izvestia wrote that the detained person is a US Army sergeant stationed in South Korea, who allegedly beat and robbed a Russian woman he met online.


Representatives of seven European Union countries will attend the inauguration of Vladimir Putin for a fifth term as President of Russia.

The opening will be attended by: The Ambassador of France. The opening ceremony is boycotted, among others, by Germany, Poland and the Baltic countries.

Soldiers from the Netherlands will remain in Lithuania until the end of 2026, as part of an advance battalion of NATO forces.

This information is provided by the Dutch Ministry of Defence. A maximum of 350 Dutch soldiers are scheduled to be stationed in Lithuania at that time.

For three months, no train carrying Russian army transport crossed the Crimean Bridge

This information is provided by the analytical company Molvar, based on analysis of satellite images taken by Maxar. The fact that the Russians are not using the bridge to supply Russian units in Crimea and southern Ukraine may be due to concerns about Ukrainian attacks on the bridge.

Within 24 hours, three people, including two children, were injured as a result of the Russian bombing of the Sumy area

This information is provided by the Sumy Regional Military Administration.

A 44-year-old resident of Zolotonosha tried to cross the border between Ukraine and Romania dressed as a woman.

Ukrainian border guards reported the arrest of a resident of the Cherkasy region near the border with Romania in Transcarpathia. Due to martial law in Ukraine, men of military age are generally not allowed to leave the country’s borders.

The Russian government will resign today

As Vladimir Putin begins his new term as president, the Russian government, headed by Mikhail Mishustin since 2018, will submit its resignation today. The new government is scheduled to be appointed by the Duma on May 10.

On Tuesday, Vladimir Putin will officially open his fifth term as president of Russia

The ceremony will begin at noon Russian time (11 a.m. Polish time) in the Kremlin. After winning the March 17 election, Putin received another six-year term as president of Russia, which he will rule until at least 2030. Under the current constitution, after the end of his current term, Putin will be able to run for another term in office. By the end of his fifth reign in terms of length of reign, he would be second only to Ivan the Terrible and Catherine the Great.

This was the situation on the front on the 803rd day of the war

This was the situation on the front on the 803rd day of the war

This was the situation on the front on the 803rd day of the war


Yesterday’s report on events in Ukraine can be viewed here:

Ukrainian soldier

Russia’s war with Ukraine. Day 803

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