Yves Desautels, the inexplicable transport man, announces his retirement

After 47 years at Radio-Canada, including 26 in circulation, Yves Desautels announced his retirement on Monday, May 30. “You’ve got three more weeks, and I’m going to get bored,” he said, his voice full of emotion over Patrick Musbourian’s microphone on the show. All in one morningAt the ICI Premiere.

Yves Desautels made his official debut as a transport columnist in the winter of 1998, in the midst of the ice crisis, replacing Roger Laroche, who was frequently replaced and retired from this position after twenty years. Before undertaking this mandate, Mr. DeChatals was a reporter first in Western Canada from 1977 to 1985 and then in Montreal from 1985 to 1998.

He was also the first Radio-Canada journalist on the scene during the Polytechnic massacre on December 6, 1989. It happened, a bit by accident. It was dinner time, there were no reporters in the newsroom, and knowing that I lived in Outremont, not far from the Polytechnic University, the recruiter invited me to our home.He remembers.

I came to the site not really knowing what was going on. There, I saw a bigger tragedy than I thought. I spent almost the whole night there and it got worse by the hour.

A quarter of a century on the road

In his second career at Radio-Canada, Yves Desautels became the stopping voice of the ICI Premiere broadcasts from 5:35 am to 5:58 pm to calculate traffic conditions in Greater Montreal. It’s a demanding job that requires a lot of patience, but the radio man says he loves his job.

On a typical day, Mr. Desatales wakes up at 4 am, goes to the studio and starts the day at 5:30 am with his colleagues in the morning show, ie. All in one morning In the last few years. I like to be there at the table because it’s the only time I see everyone, and it’s a little lighterHe explains.

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