Starliner did not fly.  NASA’s flagship mission cancelled

We would like to remind you that the capsule is launched using an Atlas V rocket. The mission, called Boe-CFT (Boeing Crew Flight Test), uses the “Calypso” capsule, which has a history. Partially unsuccessful first orbital test flight in December 2019. This time, the key for Calypso is to fully rehabilitate its reputation in space and safely deliver a crew consisting of two experienced astronauts: Barry Wilmore and Sonny Williams, who… They will visit outer space for the third time, To the International Space Station.

The astronauts were scheduled to arrive at the International Space Station on May 8, and the Starliner will remain on the station until May 14. The mission is scheduled to end on May 15, 2024, when The capsule was scheduled to land safely at White Sands Air Force Base in New Mexico. The decision to approve the launch date and technical readiness for the mission was made on May 3, after detailed verification of the technical and weather conditions by NASA United Launch Alliance. Unfortunately, you have to choose a new date again – the next window is tonight, but it has not been confirmed whether it will be used or not.

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The CST-100 Starliner crewed spacecraft represents a significant step forward Space travel marketingIt is a key component of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. The ship was designed and built by Boeing in response to NASA’s need to ensure independent US access to the International Space Station. The Starliner provides space for seven astronauts and is designed to be reusable Increase efficiency and reduce space access costs.

From the beginning, the development of the Starliner program was fraught with challenges, including… Delays and technical problems. The first unmanned test flight took place in December 2019, but it did not go as planned due to a malfunction that prevented it from docking with the International Space Station. Despite this setback, Boeing continued working to improve the ship’s systems. Another test, conducted in May 2022, allowed the ship to be approved for regular crewed missions.

An important feature of the Starliner is Global in terms of missile launches used. This spacecraft is designed to be launched into orbit using a variety of rockets, including Atlas V, Delta IV, Falcon 9. This flexibility allows Starliner to adapt to changing mission requirements and launch infrastructure.

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