Macron's conversation with Putin.  MEP: Shows the state of minds

On February 20 of this year – four days before the Russian military invasion of Ukrainian territory – The presidents of France and Russia had a phone interview. During this, Emmanuel Macron was proposing to organize a summit of Vladimir Putin with US leader Joe Biden. At one point, Putin told Macron that he was in the gym and after that he was going to play hockey, so he was passing on his requests to his advisers.

As Macron recently stated, Russia cannot be humiliatedThat a diplomatic solution could be found on the day of the end of hostilities in Ukraine. Since the start of the Russian invasion, the French politician has been in constant phone contact with Putin.

Sarios Volsky: The State of Minds

– First of all, the conversation shows the state of mind of the political elite in France and its representative, President Macron. I can describe this kind of attitude as excessive naivety, based on boastful vanity, an exaggerated opinion of one’s own importance. Meanwhile, a complete misunderstanding of the true sources and aspirations of Russian authoritarianism and imperialism – commented Jacek Saryusz Wolski in an interview with on Monday.

The Law and Justice MP said the dialogue between the leaders of France and the Russian Federation is also important in conceiving “the course of Western European politics, which is described as appeasement of Russia in the German version”. In his opinion, the policy of the West towards Russia has been wrong since the times of the Soviet Union. I am mainly talking about the energy dependence of the member states of the European Union, including the Federal Republic of Germany. – He is also subject to all kinds of Russian economic and military promotions – the politician declared.

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