Holonia spoke after a Pole was killed in an Israeli attack.  “war crime”

It is clear that Israelis have the right to defend themselves and their lands against Hamas terrorists, but no one has the right to kill civilians and aid workers. We heard that this attack was carried out by forces that were supposed to protect the convoy using unmanned means. So, the IDF now has to find answers to questions about what really happened, whether they were errors in training or errors in the work on the ground. The Speaker of the House of Representatives said that this is a tragic situation.

He added that if someone shoots civilians in war, whether they are aid workers, hospital patients or civilians, this is a war crime that is precisely described in international law and is prosecuted.

He stressed that Poland should demand not only compensation for the family of the deceased Pole, but also the prosecution of the perpetrators of this war crime. Holonia said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's statement that “this happens in war” is inappropriate and unfortunate.

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A Polish man was martyred in an Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip

World Central Kitchen (WCK), a US-based humanitarian organization working in the Gaza Strip, announced on Tuesday that seven members of their team, including: from Poland, were martyred in an Israeli attack. WCK reported that these people died while delivering food aid that arrived in the Gaza Strip a few hours ago on a ship from Cyprus.

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