Russian provocation against a Polish officer.  They claim to be in Siewierodoniecko

Pictures of the Polish car card were posted on the Telegram website by user Wojenkor Astrakhan (Polish Astrakhan war correspondent), known for spreading Russian propaganda, Rzeczpospolita reports. The document relates to the Kia Sorento and was issued to Darius Magcherzak.

According to Wojenkor’s account, the municipality was to be found in Severodonetsk in eastern Ukraine, the city where heavy fighting is currently taking place. One of the preachers from Telegram wrote that this testifies to the presence of a Polish colonel on the Donbass front. According to Loginkur, the Russians were checking whether the officer, and at the same time the vice-president of the Polish Academy of Martial Arts, was alive and suggested that he might be hiding in the Azot industrial plants.

– This is complete nonsense and a completely random coincidence of the name and surname – comments to “Rzeczpospolita” Academy spokesman, Colonel Marius Moinarczyk.

– The published documents do not match the colonel’s PESEL number, as well as his vehicle’s make and registration number. The colonel himself was performing official duties at the academy today – added Młynarczyk.

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Sources: “Republic”

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