CNN: Russia has, on some sections of the front in Ukraine, reduced artillery fire by about 75 percent

The US news channel CNN reported, citing its sources in Washington and Kiev, that the Russian army has reduced the intensity of its artillery fire by about 75 percent in some areas of the front line in Ukraine. According to CNN’s interlocutors, this is further evidence of Russia’s increasingly weak position on the battlefield.

CNN notes that US and Ukrainian officials are unable to explain this clearly. The TV station reported it Russia The rationing of artillery shells could be due to a lack of supplies, but this could also be part of a broader reassessment of tactics in the face of the successes of Ukrainian forces at the front. coverage: Russia’s attack on Ukraine

In any case, the stark decrease in the intensity of artillery fire is further evidence of Russia’s increasingly vulnerable position on the battlefield almost a year after the start of the regime’s armed invasion. Ukraine CNN reported, citing its American and Ukrainian interlocutors. In their opinion, this is also associated with the growing military support for Ukraine from its Western allies.

CNN reported that United State And Germany announced last week that they would supply Ukrainian forces with armored fighting vehicles for the first time, in addition to another battery of Patriot missiles.

Kramatorsk after Russian bombing Reuters

Access to 40-year-old ammo

So far, questions about Russia’s arsenal have mostly focused on precision-guided munitions such as cruise missiles and ballistic missiles. However, according to US officials, the very low rate of artillery fire may indicate that the long and brutal fighting has also had a significant impact on Russian conventional arms shipments.

In December last year, a US military official, who asked not to be named, told Reuters that the Russians were seeking 40-year-old missiles because of the rapid depletion of their stocks.

"Our city was very beautiful".  Interview in Bakhmut was interrupted by Russian bombing

“Our city was very beautiful.” Interview in Bakhmut was interrupted by Russian bombingReuters

Various estimates

The decline in Russian artillery fire rate is not uniform, a US Defense Department official told CNN, adding that there are days when the Russians are still using more artillery shells, especially around and near eastern Ukrainian cities like Bakhmut and Krymina. Kherson in the south. Country.

American and Ukrainian officials, interviewed on American television, gave very different assessments of the bombing. The first claims that the number of missiles Russia uses in Ukraine has dropped from 20,000 to 5,000 a day. Ukrainians, in turn, estimate that this number has decreased from 60,000 to 20,000 per day.

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