Here's what happens to the character of Morpheus Morin in the 3rd season of La Fail

Last December, we learned that Morpheus will be making a comeback in the 2nd season of Moore Wrong.

Filming took place in Quebec in the winter of 2021, and then the contracts of the actress, who suffered a controversy last summer, piled up.

On the other hand, things get more complicated when a file comes in Press Released new charges. Bell Media has announced that it will no longer move forward with its sequel But why? Z and Quebec revealed that the actress will not return in the third season Wrong.

When launching TVA, the broadcaster noted its nature Morpheus Morin, Solin Taylor, daughter of Celine Trudeau (Isabel Richer), will not return in season three. Thus, there is no need to change the actress, says Richard Terion சோலைல்.

Recently, in an interview with us, Charles Lafarge mentioned that the Quebec content had decided to separate itself from the actress and presenter, and he did not want to comment on this decision. So there is no risk of seeing her on TVA again immediately.

Remember that is the second season Wrong, In which she will be one of the leaders, The club will feature in Illigo this fall.

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