New Zealand: The Fall of the Minister of Development.  During the interview, her son with ... a carrot interrupted

The son of Carmel Cipollone, New Zealand’s development minister, left his mother very embarrassed.

While calling on Zoom for Samoa Radio, he unexpectedly ran into the frame. In his hand he held a distorted, rod-shaped carrot.

The laughing boy wanted to share his discovery with Cipollone. The woman “struggled” with him, trying to get her son out of the frame, but to no avail. Within seconds, the picture was replaced by a painting, and in the background, viewers could hear the host’s laughter.

“That moment when you are doing a live interview and your son enters the room screaming holding a distorted carrot that looks like a penis. Yes, we almost wrestled in front of the camera and yes, I am laughing about it now, but not then,” the minister wrote on Twitter.

Attached to a video clip of an interview event, she added: “Hello to all the dads who work from home! Note: I will never buy a strange looking carrot.”

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