Thousands pay tribute to Carl Tremblay at L’Assomption, his castle.

Carl Tremblay’s star shone brightly at L’Assomption on Thursday, during a tribute evening that brought together thousands of people to pay their respects to the singer who had died the previous day.

Candles in hand, cell phones to light up the night, the crowd sang along in chorus, passionately, to the songs of the cowboys who have made the small town their stronghold for 20 years.

A nice surprise was given to the fans of the singer. Two members of the group, Jean-François Pauzé and Marie-Annick Lépine, joined the tribute after receiving a video from Sébastien Nadeau, the mayor of L’Assomption.

Decided 10 minutes agoSébastien Nadeau says, his voice a little knotty, deciding that the square where the tribute took place will now be called Place Carl-Tremblay.

Usually, when you lose someone close to you, you stay in your corner with your little family. To see this love coming from all over the French-speaking world is very touching, so we thank you for that.He introduced Jean-François Pauzé from the stage.

Marie-Annique Lepin, for her part, revealed that her partner wished to be buried at L’Assomption. Here he spent his best years. He also wanted the public to think With humor, human warmth and joy.

After these few words, the fans went backstage to congratulate the two musicians. During this evening, Carl Tremblay’s two daughters took the stage to sing.

Tributes elsewhere in the country

In Quebec, hundreds of people gathered in the Plains of Abraham to honor the memory of the singer who gave an unforgettable concert last summer.

Picture of the crowd in front of the statue in Jean-Mans Park.

This Thursday, hundreds of people paid tribute to Carl Tremblay at Jean-Mans Park in Montreal.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Benoît Gagnon

In Montreal, in Jean-Mans Park, restless people gathered to evoke the memory of a singer. don’t i’Atn Registered in QuebecAnother celebrator Simple texts that talk about deep thingsIt has become inseparable from the most intimate family memories.

He is like a big brother and then we all get caught up in our pain. Unknowingly carrying Quebec on his shoulder. It’s crazy how much we hurt.

At the Bell Centre, the Montreal Canadiens also held a pre-game ceremony in honor of the singer. Raphael Harvey-Pinard, a huge fan of the group, walked to center ice wearing a sweater emblazoned with the late singer’s name and a sweater. 76Carl Tremblay’s year of birth and the number he wore the longest as a hockey player, according to the National Hockey League website.

Then the crowd sang in chorus CometsOne of the group’s biggest hits, its lyrics reverberated throughout Quebec this evening.

With information by Louis-Philippe Ouimet and Mathieu Papillon

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