Tax Fraud: Actress Isabel Adjani Gets 18 Months Suspended Jail Sentence

The National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) in Paris on Thursday sought an 18-month suspended prison sentence and a 250,000-euro fine against French star Isabel Adjani.

The 68-year-old actress, who maintains her innocence, is suspected of concealing a loan donation in 2013, fictitiously immigrating to Portugal in 2016 and 2017, and transferring an amount through the US in 2014.

Earlier in the afternoon, his defense requested an adjournment of the hearing, arguing that he “wanted to explain himself” in court but was unable to take the plane out of the US due to “severe pathology”. .

The court rejected the request, finding that “it was not sufficiently established that Ms Adjani actually intended to appear”.

“Isabel Adjani’s name is ultimately immaterial. Her popularity is no additional reason or impediment to prosecution,” declared the fiscal lawyer. “Before being a public figure, she is a citizen bound by obligations.”

For prosecution, he had his principal residence, his professional activity and his centers of activity in France, not in Portugal in 2016 and 2017, and he should have paid 236,000 euros in income tax in France.

Similarly, according to the PNF, a transfer of two million euros from a Senegalese businessman in 2013 was not a loan, but a “donation in disguise”.

The loan agreement signed between them, which contained no interest or guarantee, was called “fictitious” by the lawsuit, which the actress believes allowed her to evade transfer taxes of 1.2 million euros.

Finally, PNF was charged with money laundering for transferring €119,000 from a company in Hong Kong to an “undisclosed” US bank account, which was then transferred to a relative’s mother in Portugal for purchase. Real Estate.

The defense should argue for acquittal in the evening.

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