The Rolling Stones are turning 60

On July 12, 1962, the English group The Rollin’ Stones (with the apostrophe) gave their first concert in front of a hundred young people at the Marquee Club in London. The same group, or nearly so, was on stage at the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels last night, in front of around 48,000 spectators. Manneken-bis, the little boy who constantly frees himself, is dressed in a suit emblazoned with the legendary label logo to create himself for the occasion.

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The late Dominick

The late Dominick

The Rolling Stones, formed at the time of their founding by guitarists Keith Richards and Brian Jones, singer Mick Jagger, pianist Ian Stewart and bassist Dick Taylor, hung up his instrument a few months later, in November 1962, to continue. His courses. He would reconnect with rock ‘n’ roll in 1963 with Making Beautiful Things.

Photo from MANNEKEN-PIS Official Dresser Facebook Page

Manneken-Biz wore a dress emblazoned with the creation’s legendary labial logo for the occasion.

Who played the drums on July 12, 1962? Rock historians are still debating this as no footage was taken of the evening. Who sat behind the cymbals, Tony Chapman or Mick Avery, later the Kings drummer? The men themselves say that they do not fully believe in participating in this event.

tourism Stones Sixty Europe 2022 Tour Started on 1R Last June in Madrid and 14 dates later ending on August 3rd in Berlin. The energetic septuagenarians’ first European tour since the death of drummer Charlie Watts, the trailer features the devastated troupe that make up the current Rolling Stones roster.

Each evening, the Jagger-Richards duo and fellow guitarist Ron Wood perform a relaxed tribute to their late partner.

Steve Jordan, who Watts endorsed, replaced him on drums. A member of the Stones’ entourage since the 1980s, Jordan has co-produced Pirate Keefe’s solo albums.

And the future?

On July 14, Mick Jagger had to go into quarantine after contracting Covid-19, forcing his band to postpone a show in Amsterdam and cancel a show in Bern. But the exuberant singer quickly regained her excess energy and added the coronavirus to her long list of things to survive, after the riots at the Altamont festival, the album’s unsettling record. Deportation on Main St. And life together with Keith Richards.

Indeed, Mick Jagger took to his Instagram account yesterday to post photos taken on the streets of the city where the tour stopped, and the rock star couldn’t be more like the average tourist.

This time in the heart of the Belgian capital, at the Place Sainte-Catherine fish market, at the counter of La Pharmacie Anglais, we saw a cocktail bar or exchange a few notes with the statue of Jacques Brelin.

In March, Keith Richards told his band’s eponymous magazine that a disc of new Stones songs was in the works, which would include recent beats recorded by Charlie Watts. Eternal Naughty Rascals’ most recent studio album, Blue & SolitudeA collection of blues cards, dating back to December 2016.

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