March 28, 2023


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Head of Świlcza in Podkarpacie, accused of appropriating 48.6 million PLN

Head of Świlcza in Podkarpacie, accused of appropriating 48.6 million PLN

According to the prosecutor’s office, Mieszko C. wrong thoughtsHis company’s bonds are “selected and proven offers targeted at a select group of investors and limited to a specified time.”

– thus concealing real data that could have a significant impact on the assessment of the issuer’s ability to fulfill its obligations under the bonds, as well as dissemination of false information and concealment of information about the financial position of the offeror related to the purchase of the issued securities, the plaintiff declared in the advertisement.

Mieszko C. will also answer that from May 2018 to August 2020, he appropriated the funds obtained from the sale of bonds issued by the company under his management, without repaying them when due. 356 people were injuredamounting to over 48.6 million PLN.

The prosecutor’s office also accused the man that, despite the imminent insolvency of the company he runs, he reduced the satisfaction of many creditors by rewriting his property worth more than 1.5 million PLN to his mother. There are several characteristics and yachts. Mieszko C. also listened to the accusation that As president of the company, he did not file for bankruptcyAlthough there are conditions that justify bankruptcy.

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As noted by the spokesperson for the Rzeszow Prosecutor’s Office, the man did not plead guilty to the alleged acts and gave explanations in which he indicated, inter alia, that He did not issue the bonds personallyBut through professional entities entrusted with the proper performance of these activities. He, in turn, referred to the claim related to the transfer of property, “he explained that he had donated items of his property to his mother, because at that time he was suffering from health problems and his property was mortgaged.”

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However, with regard to the claim that the bankruptcy petition was not filed, the defendant clarified that “he did not file for bankruptcy because this petition was filed by one of the creditors and the proceedings were already pending” – added lawyer Sichanovsky.

Mieszko C. has been detained since May. He threatens the alleged actions Up to 15 years in prison.