December 4, 2022


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United States of America.  The unemployment rate in December fell to 3.9%.

United States of America. The unemployment rate in December fell to 3.9%.

As reported by The Washington Post, the number New Jobs It was more than twice less than expected The economists surveyed Dow JonesWhich predicted an increase in employment by 420 thousand. The weakest month in this regard was last year. A month ago, that number was 249,000. It was also lower than expected.

Taking into account the entire past year, the increase Careers It was the highest level since 1978, although losses from the pandemic have yet to be fully recovered. Employment is still around 16 percent. less than before pandemic. At the height of the pandemic, the unemployment rate was 15%, up from 3.9% today. Wages also increased by an average of 4.7%. during the year.

The largest increase was again recorded in this sector Hotel and gastronomy – More than 53 thousand

According to CNN, the main factor holding back employment growth is Difficulty finding employees, as a result of their mass departure – the phenomenon of the so-called “big resignation” and higher Career ambitions and salaries. As the Washington Post notes, the December statistics do not take into account the economic impact of the new wave of coronavirus infections related to the spread of the variant. omicron.

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