Putting an old ticket on the parking meter.  The driver froze in the parking lot – O2

A few days ago, the Poznań case became famous on social mediaPublished by epoznan.pl. In a letter to the editor, one of the site’s readers described a difficult situation he was in on March 6.

Over 2000 PLN for parking in Poznań

The man wanted to pay for parking in the Chwaliszewo parking lot in Poznań, but by mistake inserted a month-old ticket into the parking meter, which had already been paid for. However, the system did not record any violations and ordered users to pay a huge amount.

What was my surprise when, without hesitation, the machine charged a cosmic fee and started the payment procedure! Since I did it instinctively, paying almost more than PLN 2,000 for nothing, at the last moment I realized that something was wrong … – wrote the reader of the epoznan.pl portal.

The rest of the article is under the video

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Pozniak asked journalists to publicize the issue because, he noted, it was a serious “security hole”.It can cost a careless person a lot of money.

“Settings are enforced by the equipment manufacturers, not by the parking manager.”

The epoznan.pl portal asked APCOA, which operates the car park, for comment. The company explained that it “purchases parking systems from manufacturers who specify how the software works, and over which APCOA has no influence.”

Due to the very large number of transactions, the data on paid tickets is stored in the system for about 14 days. Then it is deleted. When a driver reinserts an old, paid-for ticket into the parking meter, the system reads the data stored on it, the company explains.

APCOA also confirmed that it has already asked the device manufacturer to update the systemTo prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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