14th Annuity 2023 – This is the amount you will have in your account – Below are the net rates and payment dates [6.05.2023]

Retirees will receive their 14th pension again this year. – A project on the so-called fourteenth pension is ready and will soon go to the Cabinet, – announced the Minister of Family and Social Policy Marlena Mallig. The rules for paying the fourteenth pension will be the same as for the last year. In the article, we explain who is entitled to the “fourteen”, when it is paid, and tell about what rates pensioners will receive.


The maximum 14th old age pension is equal to the lowest applicable old age pension in a given calendar year, i.e. the amount of the benefit applicable from March 1. in 2023 The maximum 14th old age pension is PLN 1,588.44 in total, i.e. PLN 1,445.48 per hand.

Beneficiaries of the fourteenth annuity will receive:

  • pensioners receiving old-age pensions (bridging, cyclical and partial capital),
  • pensioners (disability pension, social pension – also in a reduced amount, survivors’ pension, accident pension, survivors’ pension),
  • war invalids,
  • military disabled,
  • receiving supplemental parental benefits (Emerytura Mama 4+),
  • Blind civilian victims of military operations,
  • The beneficiary of the compensatory benefit of the teacher.
  • people on pre-retirement benefits,
  • Retired and retired from regular and military service.

The 14th annuity was paid out for the first time in 2021 and was to be a one-time allowance. However, the government decided to pay such a benefit again a year later, in 2022. Faced with rising inflation, the rulers decided to pay the “fourteen” also in 2023. As Deputy Minister for Family and Social Policy Stanisław Zwid stated in an interview on 1 February 2023 With a journalist from Radio “Jedynka”, the 14th pension law has already been prepared – and most importantly – the additional benefit will be paid on the same terms as in 2022.

Retired judges and prosecutors are not entitled to the fourteenth pension.

You will receive the 14th old-age pension if the total old-age pension does not exceed PLN 2,900 before deductions, deductions and rebates. If you receive more than PLN 2,900, the fourteenth will be paid, but in a smaller amount – The interest will be reduced on the basis of “PLN for PLN”, the so-called 14, the old-age pension will be reduced by an amount exceeding PLN 2900. Exact calculations of the “fourteen” depending on the amount of pension you receive can be found on the show.

You will receive such a figure as fourteen in 2023. The amount of the fourteenth old age pension is different and depends on the amount of the basic old age pension. Show Prices:

Watch the show(15 photos)

The 14th pension is scheduled to be disbursed at the end of August and September 2023.

Bydgoszcz dialect – that’s what people in Bydgoszcz and the surrounding area used to say. …

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► We can talk about the dialect of the times of the Polish People’s Republic in the context of the characteristic words that were used in the period from the end of the war in 1945 to the early 1990s. The vocabulary of the People’s Republic of Poland is slowly disappearing as generations pass, and more and more words used become unintelligible to those living today. In our article, we remind you of 30 words that were created and used during the times of the People’s Republic of Poland. do you remember it Or maybe you lived in those times and used such words, phrases and expressions?
The motorcyclist and at the same time the passenger showed excessive irresponsibility and lack of wisdom. A man on Inwalidów Street in Bydgoszcz created a direct threat to road safety by riding a two-wheeled bicycle at a speed that made it impossible to control a vehicle for which he did not have the required permits, in addition to breaching traffic regulations.
► We walk or drive every day, and maybe we are so used to seeing them that we don’t pay attention to what they look like. How well do you know Bydgoszcz, its city corners and streets? Test yourself in the quiz and try to get to know these places in one frame. good luck!

It is happening in Poland and in the world – read on i.pl

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