March 24, 2023


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Sophie Durocher reviews the film Arlette with Maripier Morin and her text does not go unnoticed.

Sophie Durocher reviews the film Arlette with Maripier Morin and her text does not go unnoticed.

Columnist Sophie Durocher gave her opinion on the presence of Maripier Morin in the film Arlette This Monday and its text, You can read hereIt didn’t go unnoticed.

She talks specifically Film review published in La Presse. ” Half of her ”critique” is an introspective indictment of Mariloupe Wolff, who dared to hire such a controversial actress, and the controversial actress who took on the role. What a disgusting little priest! »

Then she adds: La Presse columnist dares to seriously question: “Is it too early for the rehabilitation of Maripier Morin?”

But who judges it, and what is the time frame prescribed by good morals? »

Sophie Durocher is also influenced by Mariloupe Wolff. ” Taking it as a grand fable with archaic characters, exaggerations and caricatures can be appreciated.


After watching series like House of Cards or Borgen, which brilliantly explore the Machiavellianism of politics, Arlette lacks the same depth.. »

And Maripier Morin? It’s neither too good nor too bad. That’s right, not anymore “, she bids.

“I never thought it would be this hard,” she said about politics, touching me.

In my chair, during filming, I thought Morin must have said to himself that this line applies to the cultural context as well. »

Obviously, his article generated a lot of reactions on the site Montreal Journal. Some people completely agree with Sophie Durocher, while others completely disagree. One thing is for sure: his speech makes people react. Besides, the Montreal Journal Closed comments on Facebook to avoid flooding.

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