He was asked about Iga Świątek and started counting.  The legend left no doubt

The list is long and impressive and perfectly illustrates the strength of the position of the under-23 tennis player. Świętek has a record of 129 WTA main draw wins and 13 WTA Tour titles. It also boasts the highest number of sets won with a ratio of 6:0. There are many indications that this is not the end, as he is convinced Wojciech Viback.

The legendary Polish tennis player admitted in an interview with the Polish News Agency that when When Świątek took the lead in the standingswas convinced that her rivals would have trouble displacing Razin's rival.

“Two years ago, I expected that Iga would become the leader sooner or later, although of course no one knew that Barty would end her career, but when she took the lead, I knew that she would be number one for many, many years,” he said.

Wojciech Fibak lists the advantages of Iga Świątek. In this regard, it is better than its competitors

In September last year, after her failure in the US Open, she surpassed the Polish woman in the rankings Aryna Sabalenka. Świątek regained the lead after eight weeks thanks to its excellent end-of-season form and And now it has once again become the world's first rocketWith a huge advantage over the Belarusian. According to Viback, the Raszyn rider is so stable that it will be difficult to overtake her.

Other tennis players may have ups and downs, but after a while they go through a downturn, and Iga is very stable. She impresses with the fact that everything about her is so long-lasting. Even if they fail, because that can happen to anyone, they do not go through crisis phases that last one, two, or three months.

~ I noticed.

Quoted by the former tennis player Example: Yelena Rybakina, Who suffered from crises for nearly half of the previous season. He said other world-class players are highly motivated to win, but not as much as Svetek. Then he began to enumerate what makes Polarity different from its competitors.

“They are ambitious, but not like Ija. They are durable – not as strong as Ija. They are not just durable for one match or a tournament, but for the whole season. There is no tendency for crises in them. Their stability, and the classification covers the whole year, means that even If I lose, I'm not afraid of my position.”

Iga Świątek is “very proud of her performance” after her stunning win in Indian Wells. video/News agency/© 2023 The Associated Press

I will heal you/Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images North America/AFP/France Press agency

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