slag.  Sparta Wrocław may have serious problems?  POLADA became interested in President Roscoe’s words

The club from Lower Silesian Voivodeship lost at home at 35:55 ​​in the rematch of the PGE Ekstraliga final and eventually finished the competition with the silver medal. After the game, it became clear that this shouldn’t be their biggest concern.

Mateusz Kmisek

Artem Lagota (centre)

WP SportoweFakty / Patrick Kowalski / Pictured: Artiom Łaguta (center).

Let us remind you that the Wroclaw team played its last league match of the season without the injured Maciej Janowski. Tai Wovenden returned to the race but did not finish the match due to another fall. Artem Łaguta also did not make it to the end of the competition.

It was also found that the latter was racing with an injury to his right shoulder and a fracture of the scaphoid bone in his left hand. The Briton, in turn, still has problems with his hand, but nevertheless appeared on the track on Sunday. After the final, Andre Roscoe said on Canal+ Sport 5 that both bikers started to “blockade”.

– The use of glucocorticosteroids, i.e. substances used to treat injuries, is often referred to as a blockade. They are manufactured by injection and are often injected into joints. This is a group of substances whose use in this form is prohibited during sports competitions, Michal Rinkowski, Director of the Polish Anti-Doping Agency, said in an interview with WP SportoweFakty.

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The Sparta president’s words alone are not enough evidence to punish his team’s players for using prohibited methods. As our interlocutor informed us, POLADA asked the club on Monday to send additional information and present the circumstances of the “ban”. Wrocław residents should provide their explanations as soon as possible.

Michał Rynkowski does not want to talk about possible sanctions at the moment, because a lot will depend on what actually happened with the bikers in Sparta. The director of the Polish Anti-Doping Agency said that only after knowing the details would it be possible to comment on the possible consequences, and it was possible that the club could apply for a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) retroactively.

TUE means the right of an athlete to use a prohibited substance or method included in the List of Prohibited Substances and Methods for therapeutic purposes. Approval for use must be obtained prior to possession of such a prohibited substance or method, or prior to its first use, unless there are grounds for applying for retrospective treatment exemptions. This, in turn, gives you the opportunity to retroactively obtain the right to use a prohibited substance or method.

We asked Betard Sparta Wrocław to comment on the whole matter, but have not received any response yet. When the club sends its position, we will publish it on WP SportoweFakty.

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