La Liga clubs almost unanimously condemn the Barcelona referee scandal

The Delegate Committee of the Spanish League (composed of Atlético, Levante, Sevilla, Betis, Sociedad, Cadiz, Getafe, Villarreal, Tenerife, Alaves, Ebaro, Las Palmas, Lugo and Huesca), after meeting today and summarizing all the events in the Divisional Councils and the information published in the media, wants to convey the following:

La Liga submitted to all members of the delegated committee the various measures that have been and are being implemented, including: a letter to the Public Prosecutor’s Office announced by the President yesterday; communicate facts and information that La Liga considers important to the various Spanish and European bodies; And other moves that the Spanish League does not want to announce at the present time because it believes that it could harm the investigation.

Yesterday in the departmental councils, the majority of La Liga clubs expressed their deep concern about this matter, which they consider to be very serious, so the joint statement proposal had the unanimous support of all La Liga SmartBank clubs and all La Liga. Liga Santander clubs, with the exception of two who objected to this statement for various reasons.

La Liga and its delegated committee reject and condemn these incidents and are deeply concerned and actively working to remove any wrongdoing that may have occurred in the Negrera case, sporting or otherwise.

La Liga is still very close to this matter and will act firmly within its powers and within the limits permitted by law.

The delegated committee is very supportive of La Liga’s efforts in terms of the work done over the years to maintain the integrity of the competition.”

* * *

And the media says that, with the exception of Barcelona, ​​​​Real Madrid did not support the above declaration yesterday, because at the club meeting it was represented by a lawyer who said that he did not have the authority to agree to such a move on behalf of the team. For Real Madrid and activists should be asked what they think about it.

outlet Spanish It was announced today that José María Enriquez Negrera’s attorney has provided police and prosecutors with a letter indicating that his client has been diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. Depending on his condition, the former union official may not be in the dock for a potential criminal trial.

In turn, Joan Laporta, President of Barcelona, ​​​​issued a statement today in which he said: He confirmed that the club is conducting its investigations into the whole matter. criticizes the leaking of documents related to the case to the media; defends the services provided by Negreira; He attacks the president of the Spanish League, accusing him of destabilizing the club.

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