Death consciousness.  A pioneering study of brain activity after death

Scientists have been trying for years to find out What changes occur in the brain during the death process? Thanks to a new study, they are one step closer to solving this mystery. Researchers from the University of Michigan led by Prof. Neurologist Jimmo Borjigin conducted these experiments based on animal experiments 10 years ago, which showed significant brain activity after clinical death.

Authors Emphasize the groundbreaking nature of their study, which “delves into uncharted territory regarding brain activity in post-death moments.” Its potential implications are not only for understanding the physical but also psychological phenomena that occur during the dying process, such as reported experiences of seeing light.

In 2022, American researchers had the opportunity to perform an electroencephalogram (EEG) on an 87-year-old man suffering from epilepsy in the last moments of his life. After he died of a heart attack, scientists monitored his brain waves for 15 minutes, and analysis of electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings revealed A sharp increase in “gamma oscillations”, which are necessary to regulate communication between different areas of the brainaffecting cognition, memory and emotions.

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