He ate the corpses of his friends.  Years later he told me how he felt then

Carlos “Carlitos” Baez Rodriguez was a passenger on the plane that crashed in the Andes more than 50 years ago. He talked about his experience in a half-hour interview.

Carlos “Carlitos” Baez Rodriguez On October 13, 1972, he set off on a trip from Uruguay to Chile. Carlos was a competitor FootballWho was scheduled to play with the team in the match held in Santiago. Due to bad weather and pilot error, Flight 571 crashed in the Andes, near the Tinguerrica volcano. In total, there were 45 people on board, including five crew members.

72 days of fighting for survival

12 people died immediately after the disaster. Five others were initially reported missing because they fell from the plane. Their bodies were found on October 24. Five people died on the first night after the accident. On October 28, an avalanche came down from the mountains, burying the structure in which 27 people slept. Eight other people died as a result of the snowfall.

Many podcasts, series, films and books have been created about the disaster that occurred in the Andes. One such film is the Netflix film “The Brotherhood of Snow,” which tells the story of the survival of the survivors of Flight 571. All productions focus on one terrifying detail: Cannibalism. The people who survived the accident were left without any food. And talk about the problem Carlos “Carlitos” Baez Rodriguez, One of 17 survivors.

“If you don't eat you will die”

Carlos “Carlitos” Baez Rodriguez He spoke about the disaster in an interview titled “29 Minutes with…” recorded for LADBible. When they realized there was no food, everyone was thinking the same thing, but no one raised the controversial issue out loud, Rodriquez said. The idea was to eat dead passengers, which was considered cannibalism. The first person to suggest such a solution was Nando Parrado, the rugby player who lost his mother and sister in the disaster.

Parrado allegedly said he would “eat the pilot.” His reasoning was based on the fact that the survivors did not know the crew, while the remaining victims were their teammates and their families. In the end, they all decided to commit an act of cannibalism.

– Each of us made the decision in our own time and ate when we could. It was a process. At first I thought I couldn't touch my friends' bodies. Then it became normal, almost a daily routine, where food was part of the fuel to get out of there. I chose life. I'm proud of what I did, he says years later Carlos “Carlitos” Baez Rodriguez.

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