Mexico.  Tam Ja's “Blue Hole” is the deepest in the world.  Great comeback

Tam Ja “Blue Hole” In Mexican language Chetumal Bay It was previously considered the second deepest. mysterious, Limestone funnelAlthough it was discovered in 2021, it was only last April – thanks to research – that we were provided with more information about it. All this thanks to the scientists who studied the system Caves in Chetumal Bay They used the latest equipment at the time.

Researchers from Centrum Southern Border College Published research on this formation and cave system in the scientific journal Frontiers In Marine Science. At the time, they called Tam Ga the second deepest blue hole in the world. Today we know a lot more about it, and the latest research shows it The scientists were wrong then.

Mexico. “The Blue Hole” is complete with a sudden turn

The latest information about this phenomenon was obtained by divers who They went to the caves in early December to get another look at the formation. Then they discovered that Tam Ga was much larger than initially thought. The scientists published their new observations and research in an article also published in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science.

TJBH is currently the deepest “blue hole” yet discoveredWhich is beyond its depth 420 meters below sea level“The bottom has not been reached yet,” the authors of the publication said.

Cave depth update Definitely excels Those found in other underwater sewers, e.g Sansha Yongle Blue Hole in the South China Sea. Up this About 301 meters below sea level.

“The newly recorded depth is Just over a quarter of a mile below sea level It includes the Mediterranean region, and the region is also known as Twilight ZoneBecause sunlight in this layer is greatly limited,” we read in an article on the Ta’am Ja website

Tam ja in Mexico. Methods of investigation into the sinkhole

It was previously believed that the depth of Tam came It falls about 274 meters below sea level. Then the researchers used a device called… Echo source Calculates its size based on the distance the sound waves travel.

Because though The shape of blue holes is unpredictableThe density of water may vary, and this method was limited.

This time, scientists used a method known as…o Swift CTD, which better measures temperature and depth underwater. but The equipment could not reach the bottom of Tam Ga.

“Blue holes.” Source of information around the world

There was a need to explore the underwater cave system Specialized equipment. This is all because of the “air” inside the hopper. Fills the blue hole Hydrogen sulfide gasWhich makes staying there without proper protection and oxygen practically impossible and extremely risky.

Scientists explain that despite the lack of oxygen “Blue holes They are true “aware oases”.Where many organisms adapted to live in an oxygen-poor environment find shelter. In addition, the lack of oxygen has a positive effect on the preservation of fossils, making it possible to study long-extinct life forms.

According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), blue holes are “blue holes.” Diverse biological communities full of marine lifeincluding coral reefs, sponges, molluscs, sea turtles, sharks, and more.” The agency adds that little is known about these areas because they are largely inaccessible and their distribution is not widely known.

According to researchers, further exploration of this type of object will continue It can increase our knowledge about living organismsWhich will be able to survive on other planets. An example of this is the discovered “blue hole”. 2012 in the Bahamasin whose caves no other forms of life have been found except for one bacterium, capable of existing and developing in a very inhospitable environment.

At the same time, it has been emphasized that “blue holes” are also evidence of the extremely destructive impact of humans on the environment. In 2018 in a limestone pit near Belize Plastic bottles were found. All this at a depth of about 125 metres.

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