Afghanistan.  Satellite images of Kabul airport.  A crowd of people on the runways tried to board the planes

Satellite images reflect the chaos at Kabul airport. Hundreds of people ended up on the runway on Monday. The American forces that control the airport managed to restore air traffic this evening.

On Monday, a crowd of Afghans tried to enter the area Kabul AirportTo escape from the Afghan capital captured by the Taliban. At an airport controlled by the US military, all civilian flights were suspended on Monday. During the day, there were only military calls that led to the evacuation of citizens of Western countries and their Afghan partners.

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Crowded streets outside Kabul airportMAXAR / PAP / EPA Technologies

A crowd of people trying to get to the planes blocked the planes’ aprons and the runway. Satellite images showed crowds of people occupying the tarmac. According to an anonymous US military, at least seven people died in the chaos, some of whom fell from the machines they were trying to get into. US forces fired warning shots and dispersed the crowd, which closed the runway, with military helicopters.

People on the tarmac in KabulMAXAR / PAP / EPA Technologies

US General Hank Taylor said that after a long hiatus, traffic resumed at the airport of the Afghan capital, Kabul, late Monday evening.

People were storming the plane straight from the parking lot

Shafi Al-Arifi, who was carrying a Sunday ticket to Uzbekistan, told The Associated Press that he was unable to take a seat on his plane because the machine was overcrowded with people who entered it directly from the airport yard.

People gather at the entrance to Kabul airportMAXAR / PAP / EPA Technologies

There was no place to stand. The children were crying, the women were screaming, and the younger and older men were so angry and upset that no one heard. We were short of air to breathe, said Al-Arefi, who gave up after a while of the trip and went home.

People on the tarmac in KabulMAXAR / PAP / EPA Technologies

Main image source: MAXAR / PAP / EPA Technologies

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